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More efficient payment flows at Voco

Smart safe ensures more efficient payment flows at VOCO

The first voco® hotel in the Netherlands opened in the summer of 2021 in the heart of The Hague. The payment flows and bookkeeping are quite complex. With three reception desks, a bar and a restaurant, you have several companies under one roof. We work 24/7 in different shifts. In addition, the hotel wants to accept all forms of payment and provide as much convenience as possible. They opted for Brink’s Complete for more convenience for the hotel.


The Reason

In this international world, there are still a lot of cash payments. About 20 percent in the high season. Voco® The Hague’s financial director Lukas von Trotha says: ‘I’m not a big fan of cash, because it’s so tedious and because of the risk of theft, fraud and errors. It is important that it is arranged correctly, but we prefer not to have to worry about it and give our time to our guests instead. That’s why we’ve set ourselves the goal of minimizing cash handling.

The Brink’s Complete solution suits our situation and wishes perfectly. With more efficiency and safety in every area. Thanks to the smart safe combined with cash transport, we see that everything is correct and runs smoothly, and takes less time.’

Voco The Hague


‘Starting with safety, that’s a big plus. Everyone is responsible for the cash during their shift. Also skimming it and storing it in the safe. After that, no one can access it. That is a lot safer than if you have to hand it over to a colleague. Now there is never more than 200 euros in the cash register, which means the staff immediately feel safer.’


‘Another objective was to prevent errors with cash. That also makes this safe really simple. The money does not have to be counted and there are no more cash discrepancies. This is also good for the employees, who are responsible for cash discrepancies themselves. And you don’t have to spend any more time tracing them.‘

This solution helps us to minimize cash handling.

Lukan von Trotha

VOCO® The Hague


‘Time is an important factor. There are 15 individual checkout shifts per day. All in all, cash was counted four times and then you still had to take it to the bank. That easily takes two people an hour a day. The fact that this is no longer necessary really means enormous savings.’


‘Despite the pressure around our opening, the setup went very well. Everything was well prepared and clear. Two employees were unable to log in, but that was quickly resolved. The support and servicing is also as we wanted. I don’t even have to be there myself. I expect Brink’s to continue to spar with us in the changing payment world. And that other hotels in the IHG Group will also follow our example.’

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