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The Retailbox: a solution that grants you ease and efficiency

Experience the convenience and security

The Retailbox: a solution that grants you the freedom to deposit seal bags at your convenience in your shop or store. Easily register your deposit through our customer portal and find the amount automatically transferred to your bank account. Full safe? Our automated system ensures that transportation is automatically arranged by our trained personnel in state-of-the-art armoured vehicles, providing you with seamless cash management.

Transform your cash management processes with the efficiency of the Retailbox. The smart safe solution for shop owners with smaller cash volumes. 

Direct deposit thanks to the RetailBox

Do you no longer want to deposit at the bank? Would you like to offer your employees safety and convenience? Sign up today for the RetailBox through our effortless registration process. It only takes you 10 minutes


The sealbag deposit safe. To reduce time needed to deposit cash while keeping employees safe in the store.

Register the value of the deposit through your customer portal and deposit seal bags in your shop or store. RetailBox full? No need to schedule any transportation. Our team will automatically arrange for it to be emptied and picked up.

  • Recommended for revenues up to €35.000 per week 
  • Safe including sealbags, for installation in your office 
  • Trustworthy alternative for your bank 
  • Easy-to-use 
  • Funds quickly available on bank account 
  • Insurance included
Monthly fee Get a quote NOW

The ultimate safe for higher cash volumes

Our Retailbox has earned the trust of both retailers and businesses, providing them with secure and reliable cash management. Making it the perfect solution for shops who want to streamline their cash processes, be flexible in depositing their seal bag and make visits to the bank for deposits a thing of the pas

  • Convenience

    Automatic pick-up

    Full safe? We automatically pick-up your cash so that you no longer have to think about planning your transport on time. We transport, insure and count your cash.

  • Cash Flow

    Direct credit

    Brink’s guarantees optimum cash flow. We provide quick access to your cash by giving you credit for deposits made inside your store.

  • Continuity

    Change money

    Easily ordering change through the online portal allows you to do so whenever it suits you best. Delivered with the first transport.

  • Crime Prevention

    Safety First

    Reduced risk of internal and external theft. Only Brink’s personnel has access to the safe which ensures the safety of your employees and customers

  • Cost Efficiency

    Deposit money

    Saving you time and a more secure way of working. The RetailBox makes bank visits for money deposits a thing of the past.

  • Convenience


    Register the value of the deposit through your customer portal and deposit the seal bag in the RetailBox at your premises.


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