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Efficient cash handling, through automatization

Efficient cash handling, through automatization

Brink’s Complete: a standard solution for cash management that keeps cash payments affordable and makes cash handling efficient by automating your cash processes.  

An all-in-one solution for handling your cash efficiently, with an intelligent safe tailored to your needs. Deposit your business' cash directly within the secure environment of your shop, store or establishment and let us take care of the rest. Lower your costs and time spent on cash management with our subscriptions by automatizing your processes.

B Safe-S

The ultimate smart safe solution for smaller cash volumes. Makes accepting, counting, validating and storing cash easier.

With the B-Safe S, you opt for your business’ ease and security. The solution for entrepreneurs who want to streamline their cash processes, complete visibility of their revenue and turnover and want to save time. This in-store device tracks funds by employees and checks for counterfeits bills to deter fraud.

  • Recommended for a revenue up to €5000 per week
  • Safe including bank note deposit,  for installation in your office
  • Automatic check on false bank notes
  • Easy-to-use
  • Funds quickly available on bank account
  • Insurance included 
Monthly fee