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Opt for ease and safety with this smart safe solution

Deposit cash whenever you want, without any bank visits

Introducing the ultimate solution for lower cash volumes: the B-Safe. With this solution, you opt for your business’ ease and security. Designed with your safety and convenience in mind, this solution offers a seamless way to manage your cash. With the B-Safe, your money is automatically tallied and transferred to your account. When the smart safe reaches its capacity, one of our cash-in-transit teams will automatically step in to collect its content. 

Experience the ease of cash management by Brink’s with our advanced smart, safe solution.

Experience the convenience of depositing safely yourself

Simple and fast deposit of banknotes into the safe, and secure validation. This in-store device will not only track funds of employees but also checks for counterfeits. 


The ultimate smart safe solution for smaller cash volumes. Simple, fast, and secure validation.

The perfect solution for shops who want to streamline their cash processes and complete visibility of their revenue and turnover, 24/7. This in-store device tracks funds by employee and checks for counterfeits bills to deter fraud.

  • Up to 4,000 fit notes and (4) deposit bags
  • Smart safe including bank note and sealbag deposit,  for installation in your back office
  • Automatic check on false bank notes
  • Easy-to-use
  • Funds quickly available on bank account
  • Insurance included 
Monthly fee

The ultimate smart safe for lower cash volumes

Brink's B-Safe offers you a smart safe solution. Easily deposit the banknotes into the safe, and they will be automatically counted and checked for authenticity. Smart safe almost full? No need to do anything. We will automatically plan the transport to come by and empty your safe. 

  • Convenience

    Automatic pick-up

    WFull safe? We automatically pick-up your cash so that you no longer have to think about planning your transport on time. We transport, insure and count your cash.

  • Continuity

    Change money

    Easily ordering change through the online portal allows you to do so whenever it suits you best. Delivered with the first transport.

  • Control

    Realtime cash management

    Reports can be viewed in the app and on your desktop at any time Brink’s 24Seven

  • Convenience

    Deposit money

    YSaving you time and a more secure way of working. The BSafe makes bank visits for money deposits a thing of the past.

  • Cost Efficiency


    Want to focus on your core business? No more cash-counting and planning cash transports will help you with that focus.

  • Deposit money within the walls of your shop

    Saving you time and a more secure way of working. The BSafe makes bank visits for money deposits a thing of the past.


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