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Safe collection and secure transport

Offering cash transportation for every business, suitable for all revenues

Our trained personnel collects your cash with armoured vehicles and takes it to our [number] assigned cash centres, where it will be tallied, and the funds will be credited to your bank account within two business days. Ordering change, both bills and coins, planning transportation or ordering sealbags is easy through our customer portal, 24/7. Your employees don't have to carry cash on the streets, saving you time and money.

Brink's Collect is suitable for all kinds of revenues.



Safety through classic cash collection and processing

We are constantly improving our processes and technology to ensure that we are always up-to-date and able to offer the best cash collecting and processing services possible.

  • Crime Prevention

    Qualified personnel

    Your cash is in safe hands thanks to our highly trained and qualified staff and secure vehicles.

  • Control

    Brink's 24SEVEN

    Manage all your cash needs 24/7 through the online customer portal Brink's 24SEVEN.

  • Continuity

    Change money

    Easily ordering change through the online portal allows you to do so whenever it suits you best. Delivered with the first transport.

  • Cash flow

    Cash centers

    Thanks to our 6 distribution and processing centers, we can offer national coverage.

  • Convenience

    A modern fleet

    All your valuables are safely transported with our own high-tech armored vehicles for collection, transit and delivery.

  • Customer Focus

    Evolving technologies

    We are constantly improving our services through modern technologies.

Let's discuss how Brink's can streamline your cash management

Please contact us to find out more about cash collection or any of our other solutions. We are happy to think along with you when it comes to your cash management and business objectives.

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