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We are the world’s leading omnichannel payments company

The Brink's Standard

Together with retailers, banks and partners, Brink’s develops payment solutions in which we merge all the knowledge of entrepreneurship, payment, technology and security in a smart way. We have been active in the Netherlands  for more than 60 years, and worldwide for more than 160 years.

Our employees ensure that entrepreneurs can handle all forms of payment simply, safely and efficiently. Brink’s also advises international organizations looking for optimisation of processes and cost efficiency. In this way, Brink’s  enables organizations to outsource the total payment services to one partner. Our customers include financial institutions, retailers, government agencies, mints, jewelers and other commercial operations. Our network of operations in 52 countries serves customers in more than 100 countries.

Brink’s Netherlands is part of The Brink’s Company, a listed company (NYSE:BCO). Active in 100 countries, it operates out of 52 countries. More than XXXX employees work in the [country]. Brink’s has X operational locations across the country. The head office is located in [place]. Brink’s [country] provides services at more than XXX locations throughout the [country] every week.

Our History

Brink's was founded in 1859. In 160 years since our foundation, a lot has changed. What has remained is our passion. We feel responsible for performing a meaningful task: ensuring that people around the world can pay securely. Thanks to our rich experience, we are still developing solutions with our partners to continue paying securely.

The company's first stock was sold in 1879 as "Brink's Express Company," but the simpler name wasn't widely used until 1919 when the first non-Chicago Brink's branch was opened in Cleveland. 

In 1927, Brink's logos began appearing on trucks and facilities that had previously been unmarked in a new strategy to deter robberies. "Money and Valuables, Safety and Dispatch" frequently bracketed the older shield logo, underscoring the company's increasing reputation for secure transportation.

Brink's in the Netherlands

1973: Securicor opens the first two Dutch branches (Amsterdam & Rotterdam) for cash collection, security and parcel service.

1981: Geldtransport Nederland was created through a merger of the  'Nederlandse Waardetransport' and 'Securicor'.

1989: PTT takes over Geldtransport Nederland, Geldnet is created. In  2005 Geldnet became Group 4 Securicor Cash Services.

2003: Geldnet takes over responsibility for the coin supply from 'De Nederlandsche Bank'.

2008: Start recirculation of banknotes for 'De Nederlandsche Bank'.

2019: G4S Cash Solutions becomes Brink's.

Payment Solutions throughout the years

2014: A standardized solution makes cash management technology affordable for entrepreneurs.

2015: Kiosk solution. A stand-alone electronic and cash payment device for paying governmental fees and fines at Dutch police stations and airports. 

2017: Brink’s Cards. Enabling cash and electronic payments to be bundled into one contract. 

2020: Managed Solutions. A unified, integrated solution for international retailers and financial institutions to manage cash operations centrally.

2021: Coin kiosk. Consumers and entrepreneurs can now withdraw and deposit coins with an integrated solution for financial institutions. 

2021: Paystation. Manual handling of cash payments now automated by highly secured smart till solution. 

2021 B-Box / RetailBox: Entrepreneurs deposit seal bags safely and quickly in-store.

2021: Brink's Direct Credit. First Customer’s cash turnover credited to their bank account the next business day.