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Cash management, optimized. For every business.

Effective cash management allows you to control cash and manage your business economically, efficiently, and effectively.  

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Optimized cash management

Cash management is key for your business. Handling and controlling your cash flows takes significant time and effort. Automating and standardizing your cash management will help you manage your cash with speed, precision and trust – saving you time, effort and cost.


Brink's offers solutions for every type of business and any amount of cash. Straightforward solutions where we take care of everything for you or flexible solutions where you can customize according to your daily needs, ensuring that your revenue is quickly deposited into your account and your cash management is taken care of. 


Always reliable.

The smart solutions from Brink's keeps cash affordable and safe.

Our smart solutions have earned the trust of both retailers and businesses, providing them with secure and reliable cash management options. With a proven track record, our solutions have become indispensable partners for retailers and businesses seeking peace of mind and efficient cash handling.

Brink's Complete

An all-in-one solution for handling your cash efficiently, with an intelligent safe tailored to your needs. That keeps your cash affordable and and makes cash handling efficient by automating your cash processes.

  • Less manual cash handling
  • Automatic cash pick-up
  • No cash registry needed
  • Elimination of internal fraud
  • Direct credit to bank account
  • 24/7 insights through online portal
  • Online order of change

Brink's Collect

We collect your money safely and timely with the use of our customer app, trained personnel and modern fleet so that you and your employees don't have to carry your valuables on the street to deposit it at the bank. A reassuring thought.

  • Armored transport
  • Highly-trained personnel
  • National coverage
  • 24/7 insights through online portal
  • Ensured from pick-up
  • Change delivery
  • Global pick-up and delivery

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It’s assuring that at the end of the day, the cash is secure in the smart safe and efficiently registered.

Celine Walbrecht, branch manager

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Reliable and affordable cash management solutions with Brink's

The way in which you handle cash directly impacts your business. With the help of our smart safe solutions, our trained personnel and years of local experience, you can improve your cash flow and reduce time spent on cash handling. 

  • Operations


    Branches for cash collecting & cash processing

  • Fleet



  • Employees


    Qualified employees

  • Solutions


    Retail customers

  • Solutions


    Smart safe solutions

  • ATM


    Marketshare ATM servicing and maintenance

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The Brink's Heritage

At Brink’s we think payment acceptance and cash handling should be easy, affordable and efficient. Our digital retail solutions provide robust cash management, from the shop floor and the checkout to the smart safe and cash-in-transit. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, merchant, or large retailer, our more than a century of global leadership gives us a unique insight into delivering the world’s leading payment and cash management solutions. Giving you access, control, and oversight over the lifeline of your business. 


Our solutions have been serving retailers and businesses for over 160 years. From cash in transit to custom-made cash management solutions: we are proud of our heritage and all of our collaborations. 

Our consultants will happily assist you

Get in touch today to order your cash transport or discuss any other cash management needs. We are more than happy to explore which solution fits your business best.

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